Welcome to Minecraft Train. We are an unofficial community. We provide content for Minecraft fans who are interested in discovering something new.

Come aboard the Minecraft Train and discover a new map, maybe some seeds or a cool command or maybe something else that our community has provided. When you board you can alight at something random along the line or go on a random line for a nice surprise.

We are a small team based in Australia who are dedicated fans of Minecraft and would love to show you the full potential of Minecraft.

We launched our site in early 2016 so it might feel a bit empty. With your help we can populate Minecraft Train with lots of awesome stuff all for free and we hope to be your primary source for everything Minecraft.

If you havnt bought Minecraft yet please do so by visiting the official site. It is currently priced at $26.95 USD ($35 AUD or £17.95 GBP correct to 13/07/16). Trust me it is worth it. If you can’t or don’t want to buy it just ask your parents or friends kindly to buy you a copy of Minecraft. A little tip is to offer to help your friends or do extra jobs around home or ask if you can have a copy of Minecraft for your birthday or christmas.

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